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Top 12 Weekend Getaways in New Jersey

Here's what you need to know...
  • Traveling in New Jersey is a great adventure for families and couples
  • There are many things to see and do in The Garden State that you’ll want to take in
  • Before you go, make sure you check the condition of your vehicle and insurance
  • Know the laws and regulations of any state that you plan to travel to

Have you considered visiting New Jersey for your next family vacation? If so, it’s a great place to go, and it would be to your advantage to check it out.

New Jersey is known as the Garden State for its high record of producing cranberries, blueberries, and tomatoes.

If you’re looking to get away to the Garden State soon and want to ensure your car is set to go first, enter your ZIP code above and compare at least three to four policies today!

What makes an ideal weekend getaway?


Have you ever thought about what it is that makes a great weekend getaway? You may get different answers when you talk to different people, but here are a few points to consider when looking for the best getaway location.

  • The Jersey Shore — One of the main reasons that so many people enjoy New Jersey is a chance to be near the Jersey coast. Miles of white sand and blue waves grace the long coastline, along with the warm waters and opportunities for a real beach picnic.
  • Boardwalks and beaches — If you like boardwalks and beaches, you’ll see plenty of both in the state of New Jersey. There are carnival rides, boardwalk games, and many other attractions that will appeal to even the most cynical of guests.
  • Historical lighthouses — Another popular reason that people enjoy the New Jersey coastline is the historic lighthouses they get to see while there. Among them, are the famous Twin Lights, East Point Lighthouse, and Barnegat Lighthouse.
  • Casinos — For those who like putting a little more risk in the game, there are plenty of opportunities to try your hand at New Jersey’s casinos. There are twelve casino resorts including Caesars, Tropicana, and Golden Nugget.
  • Farm fun — The state’s largest agricultural region is located near the Delaware River area. You’ll find horseback riding opportunities, as well as numerous other opportunities to explore the great outdoors.

Top 12 Weekend Getaways in New Jersey

We did some research and located these top twelve weekend getaways in New Jersey. They all offer something unique, and all are worth a second look when you plan a trip to The Garden State.

#1 — Chelsea Pub and Inn


Chelsea Pub and Inn was built in 1888 and captures the spirit of the 19th century. It features many of the modern day conveniences such as WiFi, TV, and computer service so that you can enjoy all of the comforts of home in a historical setting.

The Chelsea Pub and Inn is also pet-friendly so you can take your fur baby with you on your vacation.

This getaway is a quaint, unique pub and inn and one that you are sure to remember long after you have returned home.

#2 — Southern Mansion

Southern Mansion is a great Cape May bed and breakfast that features a historic mansion resembling some of the homes built in the 1860s.

The mansion was built on one-and-a-half acres of Cape May’s historic district and is only five minutes from the nearest beaches and shops.

With the soul of Cape May and all of the amenities of home, you’ll love this unique house hotel in the heart of Cape May’s historic area.

#3 — La Mer Beachfront Inn

La Mer Beachfront is located in Cape May, where you can soak up the sun and sand in style.

You’ll encounter fresh ocean breezes and sunny beaches, all in one location. The view gives you a look of the Atlantic Ocean.

There is a trolley service available to help you take in the sights in style. The ocean view itself is more than enough to justify the trip.

#4 — Asbury Hotel

The Asbury Hotel is known for its excellent accommodations and an active lobby that is designed to be a scene of “perpetual motion.”

If you like to keep in motion and have fun with games, you’ll enjoy the different activities that you’ll find at the Asbury. Kids and adults alike will enjoy taking in the retail store, various game centers, and other activities.

There are pinball machines, board games, and a rec room that will please everyone who loves a good distraction or a challenge.

#5 — Lambertville House Hotel

Lambertville House Hotel is an elegant hotel that displays the best of the past and the present for families or business organizations. It’s a great hotel for a corporate retreat or family affair, wedding, or other special events.

All of the rooms feature luxury accommodations that speak volumes about the culture in the area.

Deep in the heart of Lambertville, it features a large, elegant house hotel that will feel like home away from home.

#6 — Grand Cascades Lodge

Grand Cascades Lodge features some of the most well-known golf courses, as well as an Adirondack-style lodge encompassed by nature’s bounty and luxury at the same time.

One of the key features of the Grand Cascades Lodge is the Tropical Biosphere Pool Complex, a paradise of water surrounded by greenery, fountains, and an underground aquarium. This experience is like no other that you’ve ever seen in the state of New Jersey.

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#7 — The Reeds at Shelter Haven

The Reeds at Shelter Haven is located in Stone Harbor, New Jersey and has some of the most beautiful and elegant assets you can imagine.

It is located right on the Jersey coast and possesses one of the most beautiful, pristine views available in this area.

You’ll experience breathtaking sunsets and smell the ocean breeze every morning when you plan to spend your time in this hotel. Bring the kids so they can enjoy the oceanside.

#8 — Westminster Hotel

The Westminister Hotel is located about 10 minutes away from the Mall at Short Hills, giving you easy access to shopping locations. This hotel is known for its outstanding luxury accommodations with both contemporary and classic designs.

You’ll also have access to professional spa services, a hot tub and indoor pool, and fitness center. You will enjoy the first-class fitness and relaxation amenities and accommodations that this snazzy hotel has to offer.

#9 — Haddonfield Inn

The Haddonfield Inn was listed by the Preferred Inns of New Jersey. The people who come to the Haddonfield often return year after year due to the top-quality service and first-class atmosphere of this inn.

There is a special breakfast room that lets you wake up in style to a first-class breakfast with all the trimmings. This hotel resembles a castle and would be a great fairytale experience for a newly married couple or anyone wanting a romantic getaway.

#10 — Bungalow Hotel

The Bungalow Hotel is a boutique, luxury hotel that was recently listed on’s top 10 chic hotels list. The Bungalow Hotel opened its doors on May 1, 2009, and is decorated in the finest of amenities and designs.

Robert and Courtney Novogratz, world-famous modern designers, are responsible for the beautiful open look of the rooms, and they feature their artistic work in the hotel’s exquisite design.

It is stylish and chic, comfortable, and accommodating, so it’s no wonder it has turned the heads of some of the top fashion magazines of our day.

#11 — Georgian Inn

The Georgian Inn is another notable destination that you may want to consider if you plan on traveling to the Jersey shore anytime soon.

If you want the atmosphere of Southern charm in a Northeastern location, this is the place for you!

It is an older building that’s been recently restored and resembles a mid-level home that makes you feel like you’re still at home.

Some of the most famous landmarks nearby are listed below:

  • Montclair Art Museum (3-minute walk)
  • Wellmont Theatre (11-minute walk)
  • The Manor (27-minute walk)
  • Highlawn Pavilion (30-minute walk)
  • Eagle Rock Reservation (35-minute walk)

#12 — Molly Pitcher Inn

The Molly Pitcher Inn is a beautiful waterfront hotel that is sure to capture your heart. It’s the perfect place for a wedding or anniversary celebration.

Located in Red Bank, New Jersey right on the waterfront, you’ll see uninterrupted views of sailboats and ocean-bound boats heading out to bask in the fun and sun.

The views you’ll encounter at the Molly Pitcher Inn are hard to beat. Beautiful blue water that stretches out as far as the eye can see is one of the key attractors.

This inn would be the ideal getaway for a romantic outing or special event.

Preparation for Your Weekend Getaway

AdobeStock_92667970 (1)-1600x1600 (13)

If you are planning a trip in the state of New Jersey, congratulations! You are sure to enjoy any one of these great vacation destinations.

Before you go, do your homework and think about the things that you might need while on your vacation.

— Emergency Kit in the Car

Put an emergency kit in your car before leaving on vacation. The emergency kit can include extra food and water, extra clothes, a First Aid kit, extra cell phone batteries, and other equipment.

Use your best judgment but think about all of the things that could happen on the road in any weather.

— Have the Right Auto Coverage


No matter whether you are traveling to New Jersey or any other location, on vacation, or otherwise, it’s important to know how to have the best coverage.

Below is a list of tips that you should follow before going on vacation.

  • Review your policy every six months — Review your policy and make sure you have ample coverage for your situation. Depending on any changes, it’s wise to evaluate your situation about twice a year to decide what is best for you and your auto insurance needs.
  • Compare three or four policies — Compare three or four different policies and see which one offers you the most for the money. By looking at the specific features of various policies, you’ll be able to see which ones offer the best deal for your current insurance needs.
  • Don’t make your choice solely on price — Low prices cannot ensure that you have the right coverage. Think about your driving habits, where you plan to drive, etc. Also, consider optional coverages and if they could protect you from unseen circumstances.
  • Have your car inspected before you leave — Car inspections are something car owners rarely do until they are due. But you should get this done before hitting the road on vacation. A mechanical problem can show its ugly face while you are off on vacation.

Auto Insurance Requirements in New Jersey

AdobeStock_51089237-1600x1600 (1)

Traveling to a different state requires that you understand the differences in car insurance laws in that state. Remember that you will be under the rules governing the state that you are in if you have an accident.

Hopefully, your trip will be uneventful in this regard. But you never know when an accident could occur.

New Jersey is a no-fault state, meaning even if an accident is the fault of the other driver, your own insurance will still be the one to pay.

In New Jersey, you are required to carry the following amounts and types of coverage:

  • $5,000 in property damage liability
  • $15,000 in personal injury protection (PIP)

The list of required coverages in New Jersey is brief because it is a no-fault state and these coverages are carried by drivers to cover possible legal situations in which they are found liable for damages.

Since insurance companies do not automatically pay for damages due to the fault, these protections are in place to pay in an insurance settlement in cases where the other driver may sue you for compensation.

— Auto Insurance for a Rental Car

AdobeStock_70965232-1600x1600 (3)

If you plan to rent a car while in New Jersey, you’ll need to also look into the requirements regarding rental insurance for a rental car.

Most rental car companies carry a minimum amount of property damage and liability insurance, but you may want to add some extra coverage to your current policy if you think it is not enough.

The key to finding the best insurance is to compare policies, look at what you have, and discuss optional coverages with your insurance quote guide. Bookmark our site for easy reference and come back anytime you want to shop and compare insurance rates and policies.

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