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The 10 Best Motorcycle Roads in New Jersey

Here's what you need to know...
  • New Jersey is filled with incredible shorter and longer routes that are perfect for a scenic motorcycle ride
  • From beaches to valleys, hills and more, you can explore many landscapes with a motorcycle ride through New Jersey
  • With so many twists and turns on New Jersey’s top scenic roads, motorcyclists should take excellent safety precautions

There are few things quite as exhilarating as riding a motorcycle. As a motorcyclist, you have a certain sense of mystique about you, and you carry the spirit of adventure and independence that makes you look cool.

When you travel on your bike, you have the sun shining on your face and the wind whipping around you. Your body reacts to every twist and turn of the road, and you feel an undeniable sense of freedom that you simply cannot enjoy in a car.

Your transportation immerses you in nature, and you gradually stop caring about the temperature or the threat of rain in the forecast and just enjoy living life. You are closer to nature, but you also belong to the biker community.

While some motorcyclists commute to work on their bike, most love to take scenic rides on beautiful back roads, and New Jersey is the ideal spot for this.

The best motorcycle roads have beautiful scenery for miles in all directions, giving you an incredible riding experience. Those roads are usually free-flowing with few or no stops, and they have ample twists and turns for you to enjoy maneuvering across.

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The 10 Best Roads for Motorcycles

How about we talk about some of the best motorcycle routes to explore in New Jersey. Specifically, let’s discuss the 10 best motorcycle roads New Jersey has to offer.

#1 – Central Jersey Tour

Length of Route: 29 miles
Highlight: Trees, parks, mansions, Mt. Mitchell Scenic Overlook

Starting in Wawa, you will travel east almost to the New Jersey coast. The Central Jersey Tour takes you through gorgeous small towns, parks, and open areas.

It features a mostly smooth path with long sections of straight roads as well as plenty of twists and turns to thrill you.

Along the way, be sure to stop at the Mt. Mitchell Scenic Overlook, and end your trip with a hot dog at the beachfront hot dog cart on 1st Avenue.

#2 – Oldwick to Musconetcong River Road

Length of Route: 20 miles
Highlight: Valleys, mountains, farmland, small towns

This motorcycle trip through Hunterdon County starts at the charming Oldwick General Store in Oldwick. It boasts S-shaped curves with some blinding twists that add a thrill to your journey.

You will pass through lovely Main Street areas of small towns, over scenic bridges, and across vast expanses of open farmlands with sweeping views.

The roads are mostly smooth and well-paved, but there are some rough patches and potholes to keep a lookout for.

#3 – Fort Lee Loop

Length of Route: 100 miles
Highlight: Tree-lined roads, parks, lakes, a mountain passage

If you are looking for a lengthy and scenic path through New Jersey, the Fort Lee Loop is an excellent option. This route begins and ends in Fort Lee, and it takes you across Palisades Interstate Parkway, near Greenwood Lake, by the Wanaque Reservoir, and more.

There are a few great picnic and swimming spots for you to enjoy along the way, but you can also stop at any number of casual dining restaurants for a meal or snack.

#4 – Route 519 from Phillipsburg to Highpoint

Length of Route: 60 miles
Highlight: Farmland, rolling hills, a scenic overlook

Starting in Phillipsburg, you will travel on Route 519 through Newton and Colesville and the highlands region of New Jersey.

Be sure to drive slow to savor the incredible view of Water Gap as you pass through Harmony Township.

The road is smooth and gently winds, making it a peaceful, relaxing experience. There are a few restaurants to stop at here and there as you pass through small towns.

#5 – Nice Quick New Jersey Ride


Length of Route: 12 miles
Highlight: A golf course, farms

If you are looking for the perfect short, scenic ride through New Jersey’s countryside, this is an excellent option. This journey starts near the Charleston Springs Golf Course, and it features smooth roads with easy bends and turns.

The golf course scenery fades away into lovely views of rolling New Jersey farmlands. Both Freehold and Allentown are great places to stop for shopping and food along the way.

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#6 – Chester to Frenchtown

Length of Route: 31 miles
Highlight: Rivers, streams, horse farms, rock outcroppings

Starting in Chester, travel southwest along County Road 513 and pass through Clinton as you make your way to Frenchtown.

You will pass through Voorhees State Park, which gives you a scenic location to hike or enjoy a picnic. There are also several locally-owned restaurants and shops to explore along the way.

This route is a two-lane road with several passing zones, and the road is smooth with a combination of twists and straight lengths.

#7 – Lunch Run: Frenchtown-New Hope-Trenton

Length of Route: 82 miles
Highlight: Bowman’s Tower, Washington’s Crossing State Park, Delaware River

The lunch-run ride from Frenchtown through New Hope and Trenton and back again is stunning. The route begins with some moderate traffic, but the traffic lightens up within the first few miles.

There is a one-lane bridge that is fun but challenging to navigate across, and you will soon find yourself at a General Store in Upper Black Eddy. This store has excellent sandwiches and a casual atmosphere you will love.

Be sure to stop in New Hope to walk around as you make your way through Trenton. Roadways are reasonably smooth, and there are plenty of moderate twists to make this a fun and enjoyable ride.

#8 – South Jersey to Chester County PA Loop

Length of Route: 48 miles
Highlight: Amish country, a dam, scenic towns, a covered bridge, Brandywine River

You will travel away from Logan Township in South Jersey and cross over the Delaware River. Traffic will be heavy until you get to the other side of the river.

Then, you can enjoy seeing truly scenic vistas that include the Brandywine River, a covered bridge, and several small towns.

If you travel on Saturday, you will see the Amish community bustling around.

This route passes through Brandywine Battlefield and Longwood Gardens. Be sure to stop at the Whip Tavern to enjoy lunch or dinner.

#9 – Loop around West Milford NJ

Length of Route: 57 miles
Highlight: Several biker hangouts, lake reservoirs

For a fun and scenic motorcycle trip close to West Milford, this loop is exciting to drive.

It takes you near the Sterling Forest and Norvin Green State Forest. You will pass by the Wanaque Reservoir and several other waterways as well.

This is a mostly rural route with great twists and turns, but there are a few places to stop.

Favorite biker hangouts along this route include Pioneer Bar, Mountain Rest, and Emerald Point. Some areas of the road have gravel surfaces, so be cautious and drive slowly.

#10 – Swamp Creek


Length of Route: 3 miles
Highlight: Creek, fishing, trees, waterfalls, boulders, log cabins

While the Swamp Creek route that starts in Sumneytown is the smallest path on the list, this is a scenic area that provides you with plenty to see and do.

In fact, you may want to allocate several hours or more to explore this area. The road mostly winds along the side of the creek, providing you with great views and plenty of opportunities to fish along the way.

The scenery is enhanced with boulders and waterfalls, a few log cabins, and plenty of wildlife.

This road has moderate elevation changes and numerous twists, but there is space to pull over and explore the landscapes along the way.

Safety Tips for Motorcycle Trips

While you can have a fantastic time exploring these and other popular motorcycle rides through the New Jersey countryside, accidents can and do happen from time to time.

Your motorcycle coverage can protect you from financial loss if you are in an accident.

Remember that liability coverage only pays for damages you cause to another party while operating your motorcycle. You also need collision or comprehensive coverage that includes a high personal injury coverage limit as well if you want to be fully protected.

You should also review your insurance policy every six months to ensure that it continues to meet your needs. During this time, request quotes for three or four new policies. Shopping around will help you to avoid paying more than necessary for your coverage.

— Practicing Safety on a Motorcycle

There are steps you can take to prevent accidents and to minimize injuries if you are involved in an accident. First off, make sure you wear protective gear, such as:

  • A helmet
  • A riding jacket
  • Long pants
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Gloves
  • Goggles or an eye shield

In addition, drive defensively and safely. Be observant to those you share the road with, allowing plenty of time to stop between you and the car ahead of you. Do not tailgate and drive aggressively.

Choose to drive only in ideal weather conditions when possible. Stay alert on the road, and actively look for road hazards that could cause an accident.

With so many beautiful road trips in New Jersey to enjoy, now is the ideal time to start planning your next adventure.

Looking for an adventure on the roads of New Jersey? Make sure your motorcycle is fully covered by entering your ZIP code below and comparing rates!


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